Did ya’ll know that May is Better Sleep Month? I sure didn’t, and if you had told me that this time last year I would have LAUGHED IN YOUR FACE because we were in the midst of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression with G and I was sure that I would never sleep again.


The Sleep Struggle is real, folks.

Fortunately, things have changed and I have learned a thing or eighty about what works well in helping G get, and stay, asleep.  And lucky for all of us, the fine folks at Wayfair are sharing all kinds of good ways to help your little ones get better sleep this month.  Follow their hashtag at #mysleepstyle to figure out just what you need for better sleep!

You learn quickly when you have a baby that they are the Supreme Dictator of Sleep and if they aren’t sleeping, neither are you.  So when my daughter was little we used the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit to transition her out of the swaddle and help her sleep through the night.  I wrote a full review here but the short version is: I would have paid ALL THE DOLLARS for this thing because it is so, so wonderful.

Now that she’s older and we are entering full-on toddlerhood, I’m learning that sleeping well is really the result of a good routine and a happy space.  I adore G’s room and I’ve given the full tour already, but there are a few things in it that have to be right to make sure we all have the opportunity for a good night’s rest.

The Right Light

This little lamp is a key part to our night time ritual.  I can turn just the base of it on and it casts the softest light to read and rock G to sleep by.  Perfection.


Sad news though – it’s from Pottery Barn and I just saw it’s no longer available. So I went a Wayfair-ing and found this beauty:


Say it with me: Ooooohhh, ahhhhhh.  And while I was in their lighting section I found a chandelier that is a need, not a want.  Because while G’s light is on a dimmer, which is fab, it’s also a boob light.  And why should she have to endure that when she could be sleeping under this:


So pretty.  So so pretty.

The Right Reading

One of our favorite rituals is reading to G before she goes to sleep at night.  We have a lot of favorite books on the book rack that my aunt gave to us right out of her kindergarten classroom.


You can find similar shelves here and here.

It’s hard to narrow down which book I love best, so I’ll just tell you that these are among our most read:

Do Crocs Kiss?  We love this book & there are more in this series of lift the flap books.  We have so much fun pointing to each animal and helping her learn what they all say.

Moo, Baa, La La La – I love anything by Sandra Boynton and you should, too.

Corduroy – Because sometimes there’s nothing better than reliving your own childhood by reading one of your old favorites to your little one.

The Right Chair

I think I may be the only mother in my generation still rocking a baby in a rocker instead of a glider but I don’t even care.  This little chair and I have logged many miles and it’s a special family heirloom.  Oh, and it is SO COMFORTABLE.  I highly recommend a rocker if you are short on space – they are supremely under-rated (and I think this one looks fab if you’re decorating a small nursery!)


I completely under-estimated how much time I would spend in this chair.  We rock and read in this every night.  It’s where I sat when I nursed her as an infant, and it’s where I rock her now when she’s not feeling well.  Pick out a good chair for your nursery, mommas.  It’ll be with you for a long time.

IMG_7737 (1)

This pic is grainy and terrible – but behold! The rocker has done what is was meant to do – that is a CONKED OUT baby right there.

The Right Bed

Ah finally, the ultimate goal, getting your child to sleep happily in their crib or bed.  I was really choosy when it came to G’s crib because lo, I am very short.  I scoured the internet and stores, and kept my trusty tape-measurer with me until I finally found this beauty at Pottery Barn:


The bedding is from Pottery Barn, too and we just love it so much.  I also love the mobile that I ended up hanging from her shelf (I didn’t want it to block her monogram!)

But, most of all, we love Bop.  Who is Bop, you ask?


This is Bop. Bop came to us by way of the hospital gift shop after a particularly awful visit at the pediatrician.  G pointed to this little puppy as we were waiting for a prescription to be filled and since Mommy Guilt is very powerful I immediately bought it for her.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

She loves this puppy so much.  Now after we have adjusted the lighting and read books and rocked and cuddled, she will lunge for her bed and wrap her little arms around Bop’s neck.

It’s the sweetest ever.

But aren’t all babies the sweetest ever when you’ve finally gotten them to sleep?

FullSizeRender (2)

There’s nothing better.


I wrote this post on behalf of Wayfair as part of their #bettersleepmonth and #mysleepstyle promotion. I wasn’t compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. 

24 thoughts on “My Sleep Style: It All Depends On Her

  1. Leah

    Love the book rack, such a great idea! My 6 year old still isn’t a sleeper, hasn’t been since he was born! Thank goodness his younger brother is, or I might still be a zombie!

  2. Leslie

    Her room is so pretty. I remember when whether they would sleep or not seemed so consuming. Then it switches to how will you ever wake them up!

  3. Amy @Planning Playtime

    I am working on my girls room right now, and they want the chandelier. I love the bookshelf too. Good luck with the sleeping. My entire life revolves around my baby’s sleep schedule. Naptime is sacred.

  4. JcCee Watkins Barney

    I love her room! I remember those days when my kids were younger. I had to work activities around their sleep pattern.

  5. Michele

    These same ideas will continue to work for your daughter as she gets older. The routine can be much the same, thought the details will differ- the bed, bedding and books will change. I am a big fan of Pottery Barn bedding- the organic cotton quilts are the softest ever!

    1. Kelly Post author

      Aw I love that – our routine is so sweet & special, I’m not ready for that to end anytime soon!

  6. Agatha

    Awww, she’s so sweet. The whole bedtime routine reminds me of my kid when he was a little one. It took a while to find the right one but when we did, it was bliss!

  7. Orana

    Both my toddlers have slept in our room in a family bed situation. My oldest son who is almost five just recently moved into his own room because he wanted to. The little one is still in our bed but asking for her own bed. Im going to take her soon to pick one out for herself. I have an older daughter who I tried to sleeptrain the “oldfashioned” way and it was hell on her, on me and on everyone involved, she quickly got into my bed until she was four.
    I am intrigued about the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit, never heard of it! I have always been a baby wearer so this is news to me!
    Great post, G´s room looks lovely too.

    1. Kelly Post author

      I love baby wearing, too! We really just used it for night time sleep – it’s really a great swaddle transition. And (I could be wrong, it’s happened before) I think it could be something that would work when bed sharing as well.

  8. Louisa

    I have a 9-month-old and a two-year-old, so I am right there with you! I love when they are old enough to get settled into a bedtime routine, but seems like there’s always something (like a new tooth or an illness) that keeps the perfect night of sleep always out of reach. Love your chandelier and bedding!

  9. Kim @ Knockitoffcrafts

    Oh, sleeping babies are the SWEETEST! I miss those bedtime and footy pj cuddle days. I learned pretty early that routine was it and the only way to survive. We still follow a very strict routine to this day.

  10. Judith

    So much trial and error to find the perfect sleep environment! I used a rocker instead of a glider too – it worked so well for us!

  11. Brooke

    I’m happy to say I’m sleeping soundly for 8 hours a night again. I thought my youngest would never get it figured out, but slowly and surely she finally has. That bookshelf from your aunt’s classroom is such a great score!

  12. Mary

    I was always an insomniac, so now my three girls sleep just fine, but I still don’t 🙂 . I agree that having good rituals is helpful – some kids seem to need it more than others.

  13. Amy

    My 9-month old and I are still figuring out sleep 🙂

    My big splurge when we were baby shopping was the nursing chair. I knew I’d be logging a lot of hours there the first year, so I shopped until I found exactly what I wanted. It was the most expensive thing we purchased, but my husband and I both agree it was money well spent. We ended up sleeping in it quite a few nights when our daughter was going through the worst of her reflux.

  14. Thomasina

    Beautiful nursery and baby girl. I really need to establish a routine with my son. We are working on getting him sleeping in his own bed, but he only does it for a few hours at night and then he’s back in our bed. Thanks for sharing!

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