Ya’ll.  It has been A WEEK.

We had a super fun Saturday that involved baby birthdays and babies and food trucks.  I had every intent of making a post recapping all the fun and general merriment that was had.  Chicken & waffles were involved. G wore a smocked dress. It was a good day.


Fact: it is one million percent impossible of getting a pic of two one-year-olds together.


And then Sunday happened.  More specifically, pink eye happened.  Also, pants on the head happened because fussy baby was fussy and this is what made her happy.



You do you, sister.

J stayed home from work with G as a result on Monday. Then Tuesday we thought she was on the mend and sent her to school. Which was great, until I posted this and completely jinxed us.

Because you will never guess who has an ear infection.  That’d be my kid. Apparently if a tube becomes blocked then it is essentially rendered useless and that is just what has happened to her.

The perk of going to the doctor was this conversation with her doctor:

“She has beautiful lips! She is just so pretty”

“Thank you! That top lip is a little puffier than usual because she had a collision with the dog.”

“Collision, collagen, tomato tomahto”

He’s a regular comedian, folks.

Which is more than I can say for myself right now.  I fear this post is mostly rambles and has no real meaning.  Consider this a Seinfeld post.  It’s the post about nothing.

In an effort to make this post about something – Thursday is picture day at my office. We are being forced against our will taking new pics for the company directory & web site.  This is bringing back all the same anxiety I used to have for school picture day.  What do I wear? Does this mean I have to style my hair in a fashion that does not involve a ponytail? DESPAIR.

I should probably just throw a pair of pants on my head and call it a day.

 (Also Thursday is the last day to enter this giveaway for a pretty pretty bow! Not many entrants so far – so I like your odds. Enter today!)

8 thoughts on “I Would Like to Retract My Post From Tuesday

    1. Kelly Post author

      Pants on the head is like the toddler version of the rally cap. I have much to learn from the little person running around my house!

  1. Randi c

    Being jinxed by your own words is the worst comeuppance in parenting. I’m so sorry!

    On the other hand…chicken and waffles is the best.

    (We both wrote about the same thing on the same day. Haha)

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