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Today I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday.  When I saw today’s topic for this I KNEW I had to participate…today is all about showing your favorite room in your house.

I had to think about this for, oh, one half of one second…my favorite room in our house is G’s room.

Vivi Room1

I loved putting this room together when I was pregnant.  It’s a mix of old, new, inherited & DIY items and I love inch of it!  It’s a small room, but I poured a lot of love into it.

Here’s a little tour:


I knew I didn’t want a traditional changing table so when I was pregnant I was on the hunt for a long dresser – and came across this antique buffet. We painted it with chalk paint and I love how it turned out.  Behind the doors on the sides are diapers, extra wipes, blankets, and spare changing pad covers. The drawers hold socks, shoes, daycare clothes & pajamas.  It’s the perfect piece!

changing table

The painting above the buffet hung in my room when I was a little girl. I love the way the purple looks against the blue/green walls and all the bright colors in it.  G also loves this picture now. She points to it all the time and we talk about Noah’s ark and name the animals.

chairI know everyone wants a glider for their nursery, but I have to say that I have logged MILES rocking G in this thing and it is SO comfortable. And takes up far less space than a glider.  Also, this is such a special heirloom.  I’m the 4th generation to rock a baby to sleep in this chair and I just love that.

book wallI love this wall.  My mom found the hanging shelf at a local consignment/antique store and the bookcase (and many of the books!) were a gift from my aunt who is a kindergarten teacher.  We love books in this house!  And bows. Clearly. But that’s an entire post of it’s own.  I love having a bookcase that lets the book fronts face out – G beelines for this every morning when I’m getting her dressed for school and J let’s her pick out a book from here to read every night.


This bookcase.  See that toile backing? That is proof that nesting is real. I hacked apart G’s crib box and covered the cardboard pieces with that fabric. It took a sweet forever- which is ironic because I did it this way thinking, “Oh this will be great because when she outgrows the nursery rhyme toile I can just swap it out.”

NOPE. Sorry kid, toile forever or change it yourself.

It should also be noted that this bookcase was in my room growing up in a sponge-painted purple version. Sponge paint. God bless the 90s.


The crib wall.  I’m really happy with the way her monogram turned out – it’s a vinyl sticker that I bought Here.  I also love her Haba Sunshine Mobile.  It’s supposed to be suspended from the ceiling but I just decided to affix it to the top of the bookcase – she can still see it from the crib & her monogram isn’t blocked this way.


The last little corner.  A friend’s mom made that shelf and I actually had it in my room in college.  – total luck that the back of it goes perfectly with the walls & pink accents in her room.  And yes, that’s her Easter basket sitting on top…because that’s normal decor, right?



A few last details.  My mom needle pointed the “baby sleeping” pillow for G when I was pregnant with her and cross-stitched the two rabbit pictures when she was pregnant with me.

This was far wordier and more picture-heavy than I originally intended, but I just love this room!

18 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday: My Favorite Room

  1. Alyssa at The Lindquist Life

    I’m doing the Show and Tell Tuesdays link-up too and love to read everyone’s posts :). I love your little girl’s room. So cute! I love that you have lots of special keepsakes in her room too. It makes everything more meaningful. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Lisa

    This is such a sweet room and it makes me sad my girls are getting so big (11 and 13) Treasure the sweet little days (I know everyone says that but it’s really true!!) Love the design of your blog.

    1. Kelly Post author

      Thank you! And yes, I always say that it is going as fast as everyone said it would. Trying my best to treasure it all!

  3. Erin

    This nursery is just too precious! I love what you’ve done with a small space. We are in a little city apartment so always looking for inspiration on what to do with little living spaces. You’ve definitely given a sweet little room big personality.
    – Erin (No Bohns About It)

  4. Elaine

    I love that you used an old dresser as a changing table! We did too, and I loved that it was different and could be repurposed later!

    1. Kelly Post author

      Yes! That’s my hope – I think it’ll make great toy storage down the road or I can move it to the dining room.

  5. Stephanie

    What a sweet little space. I love that you use a rocker that has been passed down and down. Is it always this clean? Please tell me its not. 🙂

  6. Nikki

    Kelly, this room is so sweet! There are so many sweet little details. I am totally cracking up at the “toile forever or change it yourself”. I have certainly done a few projects that made me feel that way.

    1. Kelly Post author

      Ha! It was a pinterest project that I will never do again! I’m happy with how it looks now, but, oy. Never again.

  7. Bev Barger

    Such a sweet room filled with so much love! G is a very lucky girl! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Charlotte

    Gorgeous baby room! I love the antique buffet changing table. It looks pretty and offers storage for all you need. And when you don´t need a chaning table anymore you still have a lovely furniture.

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