Here’s an awesome, unexpected thing about G being in daycare.

All of her best friends, who move up from class to class at the same time as each other, all seem to have been born in a 3 month time span.

It’s the best. So many birthday parties in such a short amount of time. Quality time with the other parents. Getting to watch her interact with her friends. Noticing a few behavioral things to work on. I have loved every single minute of it.

Probably the unfortunate part of being in non-stop party mode for the better part of 2 months is that you might realize that you never did write about your own child’s birthday, or newfound threenager status. Which is a bit of a shame when you claim that you blog mostly to commemorate such memories.

*pats self on back*

The other unfortunate part is that your child has new & unrealistic expectations for Saturday afternoons.

“No, we can’t go to L’s house to see the kangaroo today. Or the turtle. Because they don’t live there all the time, that’s why.”

Yeah. That lady is holding an actual kangaroo in what can best be described as a ring sling for kangaroos.  But I guess they were the original baby-wearers, right? And can we pause for a minute for how funny it is that the two little girls behind her are all “whatever, mate, I think I’ll just touch this turtle instead of the ACTUAL KANGAROO on my back porch.”

Ya’ll know I like to operate with a pretty low bar.  I’ve managed to con my kid into thinking that grocery shopping is FUN.  These parties are ruining that illusion for me.

Ah well, she was sure to bust me on that eventually. Now back to the resident threenager in my house…

Let’s just pretend it’s the end of January and I’m writing a sweet little recap post in a timely manner like a good parenting blogger does. Humor me.

I loved every moment of G’s party…when we finally were able to have it. We had to reschedule due to the great ice-storm-that-wasn’t of 2017 because Oklahoma weather is cray.  So a few weeks after her actual birthday, and the original party date, we got together with some sweet little friends at a local painting place/indoor playground.

They played.

They painted (For maybe 3 minutes? Did I mention the indoor playground? That won the day.)

There was a cake made to the birthday girl’s exact specifications:

Guys. the best thing happened when we presented G with the pink and purple cake with pink sprinkles that she had so specifically requested. She just…withdrew.  Turned her head. Gave us all the side-eye. Like. Just not having it. Zero joy at having me hold a cake with a number three candle lit inches from her face. I blame the candle – and really – why wouldn’t we be scared when presented with baked goods on fire? Who thought that was a good idea to begin with?

And it’s those little moments that remind me of the glimpses I once saw.  G is so uniquely herself these days, I love it, and it makes me crazy all at once.  She is strong willed. And curious. And so smart.  She blows me away with the questions she asks and sends me into giggle fits with the games and stories she makes up regularly.

Two was a breeze with her, which is saying something since I spent the entire second year of her life pregnant & taking care of a newborn. Three is much, much more challenging. She pushes back, works hard to get her way, and asks so many questions.

And even as I type that, I realize that I want her to do all of those things as a woman in this world. Push back. Work Hard. Ask Questions.

…but not when used as a bedtime stall tactic.


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