Ya’ll.  This baby.

I mean, just LOOK AT THIS BABY.

Andi Smith Photography


I worried when I was pregnant with him that I wouldn’t love him enough. That I would favor his sister, who had so deeply cemented her place in my heart. How could there possibly be enough room for another love that great?

Per usual, I was worrying for nothing.

Because the moment he came into this world – he had me. Hook, line, sinker. I was smitten.

He has been the world’s easiest baby (which is much appreciated since he also gave me the gift of a miserable pregnancy & a second unplanned c-section).  He nurses like a pro, and has the most delicious rolls as a result.

And OMG his cheeks. He loves to chew on his hands and they often get caught in his cheeks on their way to his mouth. The struggle. It is so real.

At not-quite-four months, he rolls over from his belly to his back occasionally, and is happiest when being held and talked to.  He was slow to smile at first, very choosy with who he’d show off his gummy grin to, but now beams freely at just about anyone who holds him.

He’s the most laid back baby, which makes him the perfect second child.  He endures the attention of his big sister & her friends who sometimes want to love him a little too hard and is also the perfect tag-a-long baby.  We laugh because we barely took G out of the house for the first several months of her life…and the boy was with me at her dance class when he was 3 weeks old.

Second child problems.

Essentially – Full belly. Dry diaper. He’s a happy fella.

G adores him. I mean – ADORES him.  She was initially skeptical – and by skeptical I mean she didn’t want to look at him.  But now she basically thinks that we brought home a real life baby doll for her.

How good of us.

He’s becoming his own little person. And is inventing his own little mischief, keeping me on my toes in the way that his very cautious sister never has. For example, observe how I found him after leaving him in his crib for exactly ONE minute.


Just giving mama heart attacks, one clinched fist through the crib bars at a time.

He sleeps well at night, usually from about 8-4.  I suppose I could feed him at 10 and he’d sleep til 6 but I’m so exhausted by 9 that I can’t stay up that late. Probably has something to do with waking up at 4 every day.

It’s all a vicious cycle.

But I wouldn’t trade our early morning cuddles, or him, for anything.

Sweet boy, you’ve created a space in my heart all your own.  What an honor it is to be your momma and to get to watch you grow.  I love who you are right at this moment, and I can’t wait to see who you will become.

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  1. Bev Barger

    Beautiful words from the heart! You are a incredible mom! Isn’t it amazing how God makes room in your heart for all of your children! God bless you all!

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