Today I’m linking up with Narci, Andrea & Erika to share some of my favorites. And today it’s all about dat bow.  And I have a giveaway for one of these bows next week – so stay tuned! (UPDATE: Click HERE to enter the giveaway!)

I’m just going to cut to the chase.

I love a little girl in a big bow. Or a little bow. Or a head band.

Any kind of head adornment will do, really. I love them all and I do not discriminate.



Since finding out I was having a girl, I have purchased all manner of bows from all manner of places.  Etsy, local stores, Facebook shops, younameit.  Here are a few of my favorite bow shops:


The Hairbow Company

I love these bows and, by far, this is what G wears the most.  They are so well priced and just great basics.  The best part is they sell bows & headbands that you can interchange – so you get a lot of bang for your buck. The crochet headbands (G is wearing one in this post) are fantastic and you can clip bows to them – or they are cute by themselves!  I bought a variety pack of their grosgrain bows and couldn’t be more pleased with the look and quality. Below is our Hairbow Company set up.

hairbow company

Oh and also?  They are super affordable.  $15 will get you a dozen bows. You cannot beat it.





Oh Cecelia

Ya’ll.  I love this little shop.  She has the most DARLING things for little girls and they are so well priced.  And her bows? So precious.  Her “cece” bows are particularly cute – and she just came out with a lace version.

And I get to give one of those away next week!

cece bow

How sweet would one of those be with your little girl’s Easter outfit? THE SWEETEST.  Stop back by here on Monday to enter the giveaway.




Last, but certainly not least is By Sophia Baby on etsy.

These bows are a little bit pricier but they are gorgeous.  Just – really beautiful quality and things we will wear for a long, long time.

G wore this one for her church dedication:


I just couldn’t love this headband more if I tried.  It is so soft and lovely and girly.  It was just perfect for her big debut at church (and like I mentioned yesterday, probably the reason the pastor called her a “lady of fashion”).

And I’m coveting this little beauty:

sophia 2

Surely there’s an occasion that we will need that for soon, right?

One can only hope.

Don’t forget to swing back by on Monday for a chance to win a Cece Bow!


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