I should have seen this coming. The propensity to be a social butterfly has been around for quite some time.

A few weeks after G started daycare, one of her teachers told me that she woke up one of the other babies during nap time.

“Oh gosh! I’m sorry!’ I said, thinking that my non-napping child simply squawked loudly and was disturbing the other babies in the room.

“She stuck her hand threw the crib and waved in her friend’s face until she woke up”

Oh. Well then. That’s, um, aggressively friendly.

And a few months before that, we were meeting with some people at our church.   She reached right out for the pastor’s father, whom she had never met. He happily took her. And walked right out of the room with her.  I followed a few minutes later and saw that she was smiling and waving at everyone in the lobby.

I’m partial, but I mean, what a charmer. She and the pastor’s dad are still buddies.  He even did her church dedication.  He called her a “lady of fashion” and informed the congregation that she would make friends quickly.

Oh, and the waving? It hasn’t stopped.



This is my child. She is waving at….ducks? The houses across the pond? The fence?

Who knows.

Waving. It’s her default.  We enter a room, she waves. She hears someone on the phone, she waves. Mickey Mouse comes on TV…you guessed it, big wave.

And yesterday when I picked her up from school her teacher told me that she had a GREAT day.  Except for when she got fussy mid afternoon.  I glanced at her sheet and saw that she had taken 2 naps so I asked what made her fussy, since it seemed like she slept pretty well.

“All of her friends were asleep. She didn’t have anyone to play with so she fussed and pointed and waved at them in their cribs. We ended up taking her to the gym so she could play with the big kids”.

Bless. Her. Heart.

I love this little girl’s sweet spirit.  I hope she always has sweet friends, and I hope she is always a good friend to others.

Now we just need to teach her to let her friends sleep.

(No one likes the girl who disturbs nap time.)

(Even if she is the cutest little waver you ever did see.)

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  1. Sherri

    This is so precious! However, I also think it is a hoot. It reminds me
    so much of her sweet Momma!

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