Isn’t it a rule that life is supposed to slow down in the summer? I’m pretty sure that’s carved in stone somewhere. The 11th commandment at the very least.

Apparently that memo was MISSED when it came to life letting up as the weather heats up when applied to my family.

Instead in the last 2 weeks we have:
Celebrated a 30th birthday (mine) at yet another visit to the ENT (for G)
Celebrated an anniversary (2 years!)
Worked like crazy lunatic people because JOBS BE CRAY (both of us).
Evicted some adenoids (G’s)

And a whole host of other things that I can’t even think about right now.

Suffice it to say, we’ve been busy people.  And that is how we made it to nearly of June without a single visit to a pool, splash pad, sno cone stand, or any other summer-related fun.

We are woefully behind.

But I guess a perk to living in Oklahoma is that September is basically a summer month, too. So I shouldn’t get too bent out of shape.

I’m sad to report that due to all the crazy listed above we’ve been rather dull people because, survival mode, man. Sometimes you’ve just got to dig in your heels and make it through a day. And then wake up & do it again. Rinse & repeat times 2 weeks until the adenoids are removed and you can throw away all the antibiotics in your house.

(Knock on wood, lest we have a repeat of the great tubes jinx of 2015)

Lemme give you a brief run down of the handful of things we DID get out and do recently:



I surprised J with an anniversary dinner date at Broadway 10.  Ya’ll.  If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or just eat ridiculously good food then this is it.  We especially loved that sides didn’t have to be purchased a la carte like so many other steak places in the city – they each came with a starch.  And all you really need to know is that the smoked gouda mashed potatoes were a religious experience.

We also got out last week to support one of my new favorite organizations in OKC – Wings.  Wings is a community center for adults with special needs and they had an art auction and dinner last week that was so much fun!  G tried grits for the first time and was in HOG HEAVEN (may have had something to do with the bacon & cheese mixed in) and I had the best time pretending like I was keeping up with the rapid-speed talking of the auctioneer.

Oh and their property? Gorgeous.



I mean. They rent out their space for weddings it’s so pretty – such a little gem in the city and an organization with an incredible cause.  Thanks for hosting us, Wings!

Last but not least, we finally made it down to the children’s garden at the Myriad Gardens for their Charlotte’s web exhibit.  Exhibit’s not the right word. It was more like a festival. There was a scavenger hunt that led you all the way through, a maze, a story time station, live pigs & chickens, fair games, crafts, and on and on and on. G had SO MUCH FUN and J and I didn’t have a bad time either.

IMG_9124 IMG_9137 IMG_9095IMG_9097

Summer, we’re ready now.  Let’s do this thing.

(p.s. I’d be a bad internet friend to all of you if I didn’t let you know that G’s shoes are Natives and easily the best money I’ve ever spent on footwear for her.  They are supportive, easy for her to walk run around in, and best of all – I can rinse them off when they come home muddy like they did today.)

3 thoughts on “Slow down, summer!

  1. Elaine

    I know what you mean about not enjoying summer! We’ve been moving, and though I tried to squeeze in some fun in between, life has been crazy busy! I cannot wait for it to SLOW DOWN!

  2. Stacey

    Oh no on the ear infections! We are having tubes done for my youngest this week. I am really hopeful this will fix things. I guess I thought all would be well at that point. Oops!

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