st pats

Ever the last-minute lass when it comes to secondary holidays (I’m looking at you, Valentines Day), it dawned on me late yesterday afternoon that today is St. Patrick’s day.

Color me unprepared.

Just like in my last Pinterest round up, these crafts are all easy-peasy and require very few materials.  I’m not a “pinterest” mom, so if you’re looking for something elaborate, you are in the wrong place.

5 Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

  1. Shamrock TP roll stamp2014-02-28 14.58.58There’s nothing I don’t love about this. We did this exact same thing at Valentines day but made hearts with it.  G loved it. I loved it. It was easy, and all I had to buy was paint.
  2. Rainbow & pot of gold necklace14a77024b69247035229fab1579e079c I think this is a super fun idea for bigger kids, and all you need is construction paper and scissors!  It would also be fun to decorate a doorway with the paper links to make a “rainbow” in your house.
  3. Bell Pepper Stamp43ef8f5346ae131a91fb027592081592 You might be sensing a theme here. I love a stamp. But how cute is this? I’m super curious to see if this works.
  4. Leprechaun With Fork Bearde65ea7866fa1f1925d2ee768dcdb72ac Well, Props to this person for having googly eyes on hand and for using a metal fork.  In my house this will be happen with drawn on eyes and I’m only willing to sacrifice a plastic fork. Same-ish result…hopefully.
  5. Water Bottle Stamp07091c61475c7bc22b6904c400501d79Using a water bottle as a stamp may be the most genius thing of all time ever.  For one thing, there’s little G loves more than playing with a plastic water bottle. For another, the opportunities here are ENDLESS.  Fun fun fun to be had with this.


Oh, and if crafts aren’t your jam – just make this guacamole and serve it with corn chips along side my southwestern sweet potatoes for dinner. It’s green. It counts. Just go with it.