No one has ever accused me of being a crafty person. Let it be known that I am SO THANKFUL that G gets to do arts & crafts while she is at daycare. Because, lo, that is not my gift.

However. I just realized that Valentines Day is, um, tomorrow. A Saturday.  So I should probably go ahead and make a memory of it.

Enter: Pinterest. Because while I am artistically challenged, I can follow directions thankyouverymuch.

So if you’re like me, and it has just now, on February 13th, occurred to you that tomorrow is Valentines day and perhaps you should do something with your kids for it – here is my Pinterest round up of easy crafts & activities to do with your cherubs. Best part? You only really need 5 things to do all 5 activities – now if this isn’t an easy after work errand, I don’t know what is:

Supply list:

  • Washable paint
  • Paint brush
  • Construction paper (various colors)
  • Scissors
  • Pen

1. Heart Tube Stamping

Valentines day(source)

I mean. Hi. This is so easy. Paper towel/toilet paper roll + paint = heart stamp. Stamp, stamp, stamparoo little ones!

2. Love Notes Jar

Valentines Day(source)

Okay. So this is technically not a craft. But this is so my jam. No mess? Check. Words of affirmation? Check. Something the whole family can do? Check.  In future years I can see us filling this up starting on February 1st and reading on the 14th. Since I’m a last minute momma here maybe tomorrow we’ll just fill ‘er up throughout the day and read before bedtime.

3. “Handmade” hearts6028da1b8af34d53b0766bb41c0e0b80


I’m 100% doing this one for the simple fact that I own construction paper. Winning. Also how cute is that? Let’s all pause and pray that G will hold still long enough for me to trace her hand so my Valentine dreams can come true.

4. Love Art

valentines day


I actually saw this last year and wanted to do it. But, well, I had a 4 week old and realized I probably shouldn’t put paint on her hands & feet.  This year? I think yes. I’ll probably put her in the bathtub to do this and use washable paint – then she’ll get a bath immediately when we’re done.

5. Compliment Hearts


G is too little to do this now but I love this game! Assign different “compliments” to each color heart. Ex: “I love ___ because” or “my favorite thing about (name) is” Have the person stand on a heart and then draw a name – they then have to compliment the person whose name they drew based on the heart color.

Happy Valentines Day!


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