Spring Forward. Fall Back. Catchy little phrases, no? Well, I have a new one:


In my pre-baby life, I had a love/hate relationship with daylight savings.  Springing forward was not my fave because of the lost hour of sleep but it was quickly forgiven by SUNSHINE AT 8 PM.  Falling back was momentarily fab due to the bonus hour of sleep but then you drive home in the dark and that is just plain awful.

But then. Then you have a baby.  And listen, I saw people posting on Facebook lamenting their daylight savings woes with children and I always brushed it off. Never really got it.  “It can’t be that bad” I thought. Bless my heart.

And since I know I have friends that aren’t parents yet that read this, let me provide you with a list of why daylight savings and children are a terrible combination.

  1. Their sleeping schedule is basically the only thing that matters and daylight savings comes in like a jerk and messes up the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

End of list.

Kids just don’t get the memo.  They will not go to bed early when it is time to spring forward. They will not sleep an hour later when you are falling back. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep in the fall, ye people without children. I no longer live that life.

So having been through both springing forward and falling back last year I realized that Daylight Savings is essentially the Biannual Torturing of the Parents.  I’m not sure when it gets easier…when she’s in college, maybe?

But this year I had a terrific stroke of luck. J and I had plans on Saturday night and G spent the night at my parents house.

Which brings me to my Guide to Surviving Daylight Savings Time With Kids:

  1. Send your children to another house for a slumber party.

Thus concludes the Guide to Surviving Daylight Savings Time With Kids.

Sure I still lost an hour of sleep, but ya know what? G wasn’t here to wake me up at 6 am so I just…wait for it…slept in. 

Don’t say I’ve never posted anything useful here.

Daylight Savings ends on Sunday, November 1st.  Hello, Halloween sleepover? You have 6 months to schedule your night off play date.

Just try to not utter the words “fall back” to the victim host.





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