We’ve had a cold, blustery, generally gross weekend here in central Oklahoma. So naturally, I’ve been doing some shopping for warm weather clothes.

If I buy it, the sun will come, right?

Oh, and I just glanced up at the title of this post as I’ve been browsing online to find some of my favorite looks for this summer and I definitely had this titled, “Summer 2018”.

The way I see it, you can take that one of two ways.

1. I am very fashion forward and these looks will definitely last you through two seasons.


2. I have lost my mind and everything I say from here on out is irrelevant.

You be the judge.

Anyway, one working motherhood struggle that surprised me was my wardrobe. I’ve never had to THINK so danged much about what I wear. Right now my clothes need to be appropriate for work, and also the park, and also the lobby of dance class – oh, and it’s nice if I can breastfeed in it too.

Is that so much to ask?

All that to say, I have high standards for the things I’ll spend my money on these days. These are a few things that fit the bill for me.

Summer 2017 Working Momma Wardrobe

yoki bootieYoki Criss Cross Bootie

If you do nothing else, buy these booties. They are a STEAL and so, so comfortable. Perfect to wear with dresses, skirts, or jeans on a Friday (like I did). If you’re local, you can pick these up at Mainstream Boutique in Edmond.


Loft Painterly Floral Shirt Dress

I love that this is colorful without being all in yo’ face about it. And the pattern is just the right amount of floral + modern for me. Plus – shirt dress! Super easy to throw on and a flattering style for all.


Loft Striped Henley Utility Blouse

I love these tops. I have this in another pattern but the light & airy stripes on this one are super cute. This is so easy to dress up for work by tucking it into a skirt or wear on a Saturday with jeans. It’s such an easy piece to add to your closet.


J Crew Fringe Dot Midi Skirt

I have ALL the heart eyes for this whole look. The dots. The chambray shirt. The sunnies. Perfection. I love the flounce in this skirt and that it’s long enough that I could wear it to the park even on the most blustery of Oklahoma days.


J Crew Three Quarter Sleeve Perfect Shirt

You know how it can be 147 degrees outside but and yet it’s still an arctic tundra in your office? This shirt is a great solution. If you don’t have a J Crew perfect shirt in your closet – you need one. There’s a reason they’re called a “perfect shirt” and a crisp white shirt like this is a MUST. Especially in a three quarter sleeve!


Laser Cut Ballet Flats


I adore a ballet flat, you guys. Which, at 5’1″, I probably should venture out and wear a heel every now and then – but have you tried toting an infant carrier in heels? It’s not a cute look. These are from G’s favorite store – Target – and are super reasonably priced and obviously super cute. Perfect summer shoe for the office or the park.


Michael Kors Shift Dress

I always feel like I’m cheating a little bit when I throw on a dress like this for work because it’s so darn easy. Throw it on, slide on some cute shoes, and call it good. Comfortable enough to wear to the office AND for your evening gig of chauffeuring your kids to various activities.


Textured Shift Dress

So, I think with the right accessories (A belt? A long necklace? Tell me what you think) this dress could be a win. It’s yet another shift which makes  it easy to throw on and go – and I really love this color for summer. How pretty would that be against a tan? Do moms get to be tan anymore? I’m basically translucent these days.

Square Stud Earrings Set 

These are on sale right now and are a BARGAIN. I love a stud earring because my son loves to yank on anything he can get his chubby little hands on and, well, I like my earlobes intact thankyouverymuch. Truly though – these come in a TON of color combos and are on sale for $9.99 for two pairs! Such a win. I may grab several to have on hand for gifts.


Jersey Jacket 

I am sadly without a great blazer in my closet right now but I love the look of this one. It’s always nice to have something like that on hand to throw on over jeans for casual Friday at work – and it’s easy to ditch once you’re with your kids playing outside. Plus – H&M rarely lets me down when it comes to affordable wardrobe staples.

Happy shopping!

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