UPDATE: I’m digging up this oldie but a goodie to link with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  Welcome to my daughter’s first birthday party – by FAR the most fun event I’ve hosted!  Oh, and now that I have some hindsight and experience on this, I’d skip the favors I made and just order a bunch of pie pops from Viva La Pies.  You can read about how I discovered them and how much I love them here.

winter onederland

Just over a month ago, G turned one!  We had a winter ONEderland for our January babe and just had the BEST time!

And since I am very prompt, here are the pictures:

(Huge thanks to G’s godmother, Shannon.  Without her I would have exactly zero pictures of the party.  I handed her my camera at the beginning of the day and told her to snap away – nothing says hostess with the mostest like giving your guests a job. Love you, Shanny!)

Onederaland Dining Room Table Collage

I had the MOST fun putting this together.  All of the wintry decorations came from Hobby Lobby’s after Christmas sale.  I was able to re-sell most of the decorations to a local momma having a ONEderland party as well, making the decor super cheap.  Momma loves a good deal!  Also, I just threw tulle on everything and called it a day. Throwing a party for a little girl? Buy stock in tulle.


I kept things pretty simple food-wise.  The party was in the afternoon so I just served little bites & some sweet treats.  A local grocery did her beautiful cake, my mother-in law made cookies, and the fruit platter was from Jason’s Deli.

Really, all I made was the Dill Nibbles (my family’s version of chex mix).  Not having to cook the day of the party was the best decision ever.

The rest of the food was just candy that matched the very pink Onederland theme!  Nana (my mom) helped a TON with pulling this together.  She’d pick up things here & there as she saw them and really helped me make everything just lovely.

A bone to pick with the guests: You left behind too much candy. I’m eating some of it as I type this. Not cool, guests. Next time, eat more!

onederland kitchen 2

We had drinks and favors in the kitchen.  In keeping with the ONEderland theme, the party favor bin has hot chocolate bags that I put together as well as cotton candy “snow”.

I harnessed all of my crafting ability to make that high chair skirt – her next party may be tutu themed as a result.

Easily, the best thing I did was have a guest book for family & friends to sign.  I loved looking through it after the party was over and it is such a precious keep-sake. I used Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss – but any favorite children’s book would be great.


Remnants of the smash cake. Like mother, like daughter: we eat our chocolate with enthusiasm, man. I’ve never been more proud.


I cannot put into words how much I treasure this Favorite Things Poster from Moulage Collection on etsy.  The picture doesn’t really do justice to just how pretty this is – I plan to get it framed and hang it in her room.  I love that we have something that perfectly captures our little girl at one!


We ended the party with opening presents. To say our family and friends were generous to G is an understatement. She caught on to the present-opening pretty quickly and LOVED grabbing tissue paper out of the bags!

I still marvel that I have a one year old, it really seems like just yesterday that I was a sleep deprived new momma.  I miss those days, but I wouldn’t trade the fun we’re having now for anything.

Happy birthday, G! We love you to the moon & back!





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  1. Maren

    Good eye catching those decorations on sale after Christmas. I am always looking for things I can use later on through out the year. Great idea reselling the items afterwards!

  2. Vanessa

    What an adorable party! We did the same theme for our little guy on his first birthday. I must admit girl parties look like they are much more fun to decorate for!

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