Well. I thought that I would announce the Magic Sleep Suit giveaway winner along with a nice little recap of our weekend.

Sadly, our weekend recap is as follows:

First there was snow.

Then there was more snow.

Also, it was cold, because, snow.

We learned about ourselves that we cannot live in a place that has a legitimate winter because snow days weekends become an excuse to eat copious amounts of food and binge-watch Netflix.  It’s possible we watched the entire new season of House of Cards. DON’T JUDGE. THERE WAS SNOW.

Spring, you’re welcome to make your entrance any time now. We’re ready.

But, in a move that proves we can be real people despite winter – we went to church.



This is not church, but our messy (I make no apologies. We operate in real life around here) bedroom before we left.  Houndstooth on babies FTW. It just occurred to me that she totally looks like a little Alabama fan here, but that’s okay.  We’ll love her in spite of it.

(How did Alabama get claim on such a fabulous print as a collegiate symbol? Can TCU claim chevron? How do we make this happen?)

Okay, as riveting as all my snow and fabric talk must be, let’s get to the winner, shall we?

I “drew” a winner using Random.org and RANDEE – you won!  I’ll be e-mailing you soon!

For those that did not win – I still stand by my statement that this suit was worth every penny.  You can get one directly from the Sleepsuit company HERE or from Amazon HERE.  I wish you all the best of luck with getting your little ones to sleep through the night!

Thank you to everyone who entered – I have more great giveaways lined up so stay tuned!

Now, maybe if we all click our heels three times the snow will go away? I’m sure Frank Underwood would not stand for this nonsense.