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Fun fact: I had never even had “fast casual” Mexican food until I was in my mid twenties.


That’s not to say that I haven’t had my fair share of experience with Mexican food. Hello, I went to college in Texas and spent a good portion of my early 20’s there. I’m pretty sure at one point in my life I spent about half of my paycheck every month on margaritas.

I was very classy.

Anyway, the times they sure have changed and now a night spent over margs is a RARE occurrence. Not so rare? A family that expects to eat dinner every night.


The audacity.

Enter: The Whollota Box.

Guys, it’s basically a pizza box OF TACOS.  Well, not just tacos. For $10 you get 12 tacos (or burritos, or 6 of each) two sides of rice, two sides of beans, chips and some of their delicious salsa.

Full disclosure: This was ENTIRELY too much food for my family, considering G will generally take 3 bites of anything and the baby isn’t quite ready for tacos yet. BUT – this would be the PERFECT thing to grab for a Memorial day pool party/your kids next slumber party/a quick meal for a larger family.

Also, we did our very best to make a dent in this. I loved the tacos. My husband was a big fan of all the sides, and my daughter, well…


She’s a burrito girl through and through.

Guys. She legit walked around the house going “this is so yummy, mommy!” HALLELJUAH AMEN. A toddler approved meal – victory!!

Yes, she’s wearing a winter hat there. I don’t even know anymore. I can’t even pretend to be in charge half the time.

…as evidenced by the fact that she strolled off with a burrito and ate it at the coffee table.

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