Well.  Not much to report here except HOLY RAIN, BATMAN.

G had a midday doctors appointment and it took me a sweet forever to get there due to the torrential rains.  I’m considering building an ark.

Bright spot of the day was passing my husband in the first floor of our office building after texting him “Order me tacos!” and he said “Ordered and paid for! I got you three. I know you like to eat!”

Wuv. Twue wuv.


Also: I’m not disciplined enough to overcome jet lag. I’m weak. I sleep when I’m tired. I don’t have it in me to power through in order to establish regular sleeping patterns.  I fell asleep at 1:30 last night and then was up at 6 with G.  Which means I napped tonight from 7-10 pm and am now wide awake.

It’s a lost cause, really.

And this is where I say you are welcome because I do believe if you find yourself afflicted with the jet lag you are surely asleep now because this post is a snoozer.

A few things before you drift off to dream land:

1. This post from Brooke at Bye, Comparison about spam comments had me rolling.  It’s all so true.  Dear spammers, I know if you are reading this that you find this the most good informational that you have been has searching for but please to exit the web site asking as the web site admin. (Just trying to speak the language).

2. Mommas of daughters – you need to read this. How We Tell Our Children They Aren’t Beautiful. It’s basically what I’m trying to achieve for myself with embracing my post baby bod, but said so much better.

She says, “You’re beautiful, mommy!” and I say no and start pointing out my faults. I will be the one to tell her that her definition of beauty is wrong. I’ll start her second-guessing. I’ll be the one to bring the magazine definition of attractive into the house and tell her every single way I don’t measure up.

3. I know this post isn’t a great selling point but I’m taking over the OKC Moms Blog Instagram page on Tuesday (tomorrow, or possibly today, depending on your blog reading schedule).  Would love for you to follow along for my (mis)adventures as I attempt to show you a real day in the life.

TuesdayTakeover - Kelly


It will be very glamorous except for the part where it’s not at all.



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  1. Brooke

    Kelly! Thanks for that shout out! And I’m impressed with your fluency in Spammish! Your jet lag comment about this post being a snoozer made me laugh, too. I’m definitely going to pop over to follow your take-over feed today! Thanks again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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