Isn’t that the struggle? Where do we find this elusive thing, balance?

As a woman, I feel like I sometimes carry ALL THE BURDENS. I’m pulled in all directions. I wear too many hats. Mother. Wife. Employee.

And there are, of course, sub categories in there too. Chef, boo-boo kisser, diaper changer, daycare coordinator, house manager, life partner, business runner. It’s all too easy to feel like I’m attempting to do too much and am falling short in all areas. But how do you prioritize when doing things for the people you love and managing a successful career? How do you find time to do anything when there are dinners to make and clothes to fold and meetings to attend, and oh yeah, that pesky sleep thing is good, too.

I’m only a year into this whole “working mom” deal. When I first went back to my job after taking 3 months for maternity leave I was SURE that I would, and could, be one of those women who “has it all”. I would show up to work impossibly fresh, then come home with the energy to play with my daughter and cook a healthy meal and go to sleep with a clean house at the end of the day.

Bless. My. Heart.

What I’ve learned instead: I don’t want to worry about having it all. For in seeking that – I lose track of what I have in this moment. Which is a husband whom I adore. A daughter who I love more than life. And a fulfilling career.

I have a lot. And that is enough.

My goal here with this blogging venture is to share ways that I have found balance in this tightrope act of working motherhood. Because when I get home in the evening, there are games to be played, dinner to be made, and a baby to be bathed. And all of those things have to happen in a narrow window.

(Oh and fine, the occasional load of laundry happens, too.)

(But it usually lives on the couch aka “my other closet”)

(No judging.)


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