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(Psst – if you’re at all interested in the little “slice of life” of how J and I met then I suggest you go to the OKC Moms blog to read all about it. And DON’T JUDGE ME.)


Just like last month, I’m trying to keep track of little snippets as they happen. I want to be able to look back and remember the little things, so forgive me as I use this little corner of the internet as my scrapbook today.

When she really likes something she’s eating she will throw her head back, smile, and give us an approving “mmmmmm”.  This most often happens when there is sugar or Mexican food involved.

She adores her little chair that my parents gave her – she climbs in it and is just so pleased with herself when she’s sitting there, you can just tell she feels so big & special in it.

I taught her recently to “smell the flowers” so now I’ve created a bit of a flower smelling monster.  She loves to run up to flowers, leaves, herbs, what have you and give them an enthusiastic sniff.  She did this the other day with a picture of a flower in one of her books.

When we ask her, “what does the doggie say?” she pants like a dog instead of barking. It. Is. The. Best.

She is obsessed with lift the flap books – she gets downright giddy when we read them to her & we’ve started bringing them to doctor’s appointments with us because, more than any toy, that is what makes her happy & keeps her most occupied.

She can correctly identify her head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly & toes.  When asked where her shoulders are she shrugs her shoulders in response – I count that as partial identification.

Vocabulary: Purple, Blue, Shoes, Mama, Dada, This, That, Dog, Ball, Bubble.  She uses the “more” sign to indicate that she wants something, and has started nodding her head yes and shaking her head no in response to questions. Hurray for some communication!

When we say “G, tap your toes!” she jogs in place, hopping from one foot to the next. I cannot wait to get this girl in a dance class.

We have developed a full on obsession with Sesame Street – or at least the theme song.  She gets downright giddy & dances whenever that comes on.

Instead of running to me when I pick her up from school, I basically have to chase her down.  It’s all out of her desire to show me ALL THE THINGS.  “Mom, look at me with the vacuum. Mom – did you see the blocks? Look! Let me show you the shapes on the walls!” I’m definitely the only mother chasing down her child at the end of the day.

She still loves to sit on my lap while I do my make up in the morning, and will grab the eyelash curler and hold it up to her own eye.  I find my blush brush in random parts of the house every day – she has claimed it as her own.

When we ask her if she’s ready to go to bed she will often reply with, “Bop“.  That’s the name of the little stuffed puppy that she loves so much – she knows that Bop stays in the bed and when she’s tired she’ll often look at us and ask “Bop?”


G at 17 months – you are so fun and you make us laugh every day.  We love seeing the little girl you are growing into! 





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  1. Bev Barger

    You are so in tune with G! I love hearing all about her!She is a very lucky lil girl to have you! Wish all parents were this involved!bless you!

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