‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, except the dog, that louse.
The stockings were hung with just enough flair,
And I suddenly realized – “Crap, what am I going to put in there?”

The children were wrestled then put into their beds,
While visions of hatchimals danced in their heads.
And I in my yoga pants and dad in his cap,
Had just begun working – SO MANY PRESENTS TO WRAP.

When outside the door there arose such a clatter
It was the toddler! She’d broken a platter.
Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
And broke out the Swiffer to clean up the glass.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,
Brought on great worry, “how will we get where we need to go?”
When what to my dark-circled eyes should appear,
But the UPS Truck! Good grief, MORE things are here??

The packages were brought in, so heavy and thick,
The thought of more wrapping made me a bit sick.
The boxes were opened, shoot – what is the time?
Nevermind, this can wait – I’m getting some wine.

Now Reisling! Now Prosecco! Now Syrah and Rose!
On Merlot! On Pinot! On Cab and Chardonnay!
To the top of the glass – hey, who needs a glass at all?
Now drink away, drink away, drink away y’all!

As the to-do list grew I lifted my glass high,
It was looking impossible – two more sips, then I’ll try.
I glanced at my husband drinking his favorite brew,
Blissfully unaware of the things left to do.

And then, with a twinkling, I heard through the wall,
The baby was stirring. Did he sleep 10 minutes? Or not at all?
I peeked in my head, and was turning around,
When – WAHHHH! (I knew that unmistakable sound).

He was covered in spit up from his head to his foot
His pajamas were soaking – I was afraid to even look.
I quickly cleaned him up, things weren’t looking so dire,
Then laid him back down, and stood back to admire.

His eyes how they twinkled! His grin oh so merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His sweet little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And he seemed to say – oh please, don’t go!

The end of a paci he held so tight in his gums,
I wondered when he’d start sucking his thumbs.
He had a sweet face and a round milk-filled belly,
How calmly he cooed, now that he wasn’t so smelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly young chap,
And suddenly I remembered the presents to wrap.
A blink of his eyes and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know he was ready for bed.

I spoke not a word, then went straight to my work,
And half-filled the stockings (extra candy in mine, a motherhood perk.)
And putting a hand back on my wine glass,
I stared down the gifts, which were gathered en masse.

I sprang to the wrapping paper and gathered the bows,
(And pulled on some warm socks to cover my toes.)
I realized then I was ready for the fight,
Christmas would happen – even if it takes me all night!

Well, Hi.

This feels a bit like dusting off an old diary and trying to pick up where you left off. Except you abandoned that diary when you were 12 and now you’re 16 and filling in the middle sections is awkward and time consuming.

That one year old little girl I talk about in my sidebar bio? She’s almost 3. And there’s a brand new baby in the mix now too…but we’ll get to that.

My original intent with starting a blog was just to give myself an outlet.  I craved something that was just for me, and writing has always been soothing to my soul, so here we are.  Err…here we were? I don’t know how I got away from this place – but the places I went were (err…are?) pretty great.

I’m grateful I started this blog, because through it, I found my way to the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, and through that community I’ve met incredible women who I can’t imagine doing this motherhood thing without.

(I also took the plunge and wrote for Scary Mommy a time or two. And learned all the life lessons on internet haters!)

In the time since I all but abandoned this space, I had another (difficult) pregnancy, and another c-section, which resulted in the sweetest baby boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. (And also packed on all the pounds from that pregnancy…but I digress).

And now, somehow, with less free time than ever. I am feeling the urge more and more to write again.  Because anything I can carve out for myself is a win.

And I mean, in the last 3 months the best thing I can say that I carved out for myself is watching all 10 seasons of Friends while on maternity leave. And Gilmore Girls (original and reboot). And Jane the Virgin (you’re welcome, baby boy for exposing you to Spanish at a young age).

There’s really only so many Netflix binges one can go on without risking your brain turning into Jello. 

So, let’s try this again. Back to basics. I’ll write the words. My mom, aunts, and probably 2 other friends will read them, and someday I’ll be able to remember this crazy, beautiful, hectic time of life with my two sweet babies.

Photo: Andi Smith Photography

Yeah, I’ll want to remember.

If there’s one thing you should know about my child, it is this:

She is completely book obsessed.

I don’t just mean that she enjoys being read to, I mean that books are basically a comfort item at this point.  We brought her favorite book to the last surgery she had because we knew it would be the one thing to keep her calm & happy.  And we were right.

So when the fine folks at Bookroo told me about their book subscription service it took about .2 seconds for me to go all fangirl on them.


…I asked calmly.

Listen ya’ll.  This is the Birch Box of books.  You need this.  I know you can get books on Amazon, etc.  BUT.  Does Amazon surprise you once a month with books?

No. No they do not.

What’s great about this service is the simplicity.  You pick board books or picture books (I picked board because hello I have a toddler who loves destroying stuff), then select your “plan” (month to month, 3 month, or 6 month) and then you wait anxiously patiently for the books to arrive.

And when they arrive, they do not disappoint.


This packaging delights me to no end and immediately made me feel like Maria from Sound of Music. 

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings…la la la la la la favorite things”

(I’m not exactly a songbird. G’s lullabies have been…creative, to say the least).

But seriously, how fun is it that each book is its very own present? SO FUN. I also need to know where they get their wrapping paper.  Isn’t it purty?

And here are our books this month:


We love them all! The mustache book in particular is super cute because it comes with a little pouch of punch-out mustaches that you then place on faces in the book.  Reading + play = ALL THE WIN.

And the best part? I hadn’t heard of a single one prior to receiving our order this month.  I love that they’re putting terrific & lesser-known books in our hands!

Or maybe this is the best part – my friends at Bookroo are giving you $4 off your next order if you click this link!

Happy reading!