Meal Plan (1)So, I know Meal Plan Monday is totally a thing and here I am all switching it up to Friday. I swear I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. But, as much as I love alliteration, meal planning on a Monday isn’t real life for me. If I waited til Monday to meal plan it would involve a lot of take out.

And doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of meal planning?

So anyway, my goal here is to simplify this for all of us.  On Friday’s I’m going to round up the yummiest-sounding recipes from some of my favorite blogs and some of my tried-and-true favorites.  I will link them here (because duh, plagiarism isn’t cool) and whip up a grocery list to boot.  That way we can knock out the weekend shoppings, throw everything in dinner bins, and be done with it all.

Also: I meal plan based on a Sunday-Thursday schedule.  Sunday is a crockpot day – or a day where we make something in a big enough quantity to let us eat on during the week. And Friday and Saturday are either take out, leftovers, or some fancy meal my husband wants to whip up (he’s the real cook in the family).

Without further ado…


Slow Cooked Sweet Barbacoa PorkSlow-Cooked-Sweet-Pork-Barbacoa

Yum yum yummiest yum.  Do you all follow Skinny Taste? If not you probably should – I have yet to try a recipe of hers that I haven’t loved.  I’m probably going to switch this up and serve it over cauliflower rice a la Goop (J, if you’re reading this, that white stuff you’re eating is ABSOLUTELY NOT cauliflower.  I would never betray your trust and serve you a vegetable masquerading as a carbohydrate.)


Rotisserie Chicken Salad


The beauty of this recipe from Twisted Tastes is you can whip it up on Sunday night and have it ready to go for Monday.  I’d probably swap out the may for greek yogurt (you won’t notice the difference) and serve it on your favorite toasted bread with a side salad.  Super simple!


Greek Tacos

Greek Tacos

My years of living in Texas made me a Taco Tuesday lover – this recipe from the Mix & Match Mama is a great (healthy!) twist on them with ground turkey, feta, and loads of veggies!


One Pan Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice


Any recipe that starts with the words “One Pan” has my immediate attention.  And this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything looks like the perfect way to trick encourage my toddler to eat broccoli!


Southwestern Sweet Potatoes


This is my personal favorite Meatless Monday recipe (I know I have this on Thursday. Just Whatever. Get one meatless meal in a week and call it good – you don’t have to follow rules here.) While well suited for fall, it’s still a great light summer dish because of all the fresh ingredients.

Bonus Treat:

Grilled Banana Smore’s

grillsmoreThis recipe from the Gastronom Blog is essentially a grilled banana split – what’s not to love? Also there’s fruit involved so YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE HEALTH FOOD.


What say you? Are you ready to shop & prep & dine? Here’s your list! (Print friendly version: Week of June 7, 2015 – Shopping List)

Week of June 7, 2015 - Shopping List

3 thoughts on “Meal Plan FRIDAY

  1. Holly | Twisted Tastes

    Rotisserie chicken salad! I’d try swapping out the mayo for Greek yogurt myself, but the husband would probably run around the kitchen like a chicken with his head cut off. He catches my attempts EVERY TIME. Meal planning is definitely something I need to work on with my five monsters home for the summer. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  2. Leah Hall

    Thanks for the repost of the Grilled Banana S’mores! It’s totally health food! Thanks for the other recipe ideas as well!

  3. Elaine

    I love this post! I definitely agree, that I don’t meal plan on a Monday! Sunday, maybe- Monday- no. I haven’t made chicken salad in so long; it’s the perfect summer food! I’ll be making it soon!

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