We had the lowest of all low key weekends last weekend.  Which, after the week we had last week, was fully deserved.

We have lounged, watched movies (which, somehow I had never seen Fried Green Tomatoes until Saturday. If you are in that club you should remedy it and see it. It’s a delight), and lounged some more.  G was just wanting lots of cuddles and love and we were happy to oblige. I don’t even think I’ve brushed my hair all weekend.  It’s all been very glamorous.

However, in between all the lounging – 2 exciting things did happen.

  1. I am somehow in 3rd place in my office March Madness pool.  And for a hot minute I was winning.  This has brought me endless delight because, first of all, I am actually interested in the happenings of these games. This is a true miracle.  I filled out my bracket on a complete lark with about 3 minutes until the deadline.  No one is more surprised to see my name at the top of that list than I am.  And like my brother said, now everyone in the office knows my name. Good thing I didn’t wear pants on my head for office picture day.
  2. I am completely caught up on laundry. Let’s savor this for a hot minute. Everything is washed, and put away.  I even folded G’s clothes into complete outfits to make dressing her in the morning dad-proof.

It’s a sad stage of life when you find yourself bragging about laundry.  But being caught up on it is one of those achievements which you have to celebrate in the moment, because come tomorrow…I will be behind again.

Tonight also found John and I in the ultimate fuddy-duddy parent mode.  First of all, we watched America’s Funniest Home Videos as a family and laughed entirely too hard at others’ expense.  With all respect to Tom Bergeron, I must say I miss the days of Bob Saget hosting AFV.


And God bless it. If that’s what people were recording these home movies on then it also is a miracle this show ever got a start.

And in further “we have become our parents” news: I ‘double named’ G last night.  She WOULD NOT sit down in the bathtub.  Like, I couldn’t even physically make her.  I would go to sit her down and she went all stiff as a board on me.  After the 3rd or 4th “double name, sit on your fanny right now” J came in and said “G! Be nice to mommy. Listen to her and please sit down.”

And she sat.

So it begins. .



8 thoughts on “March Miracles

  1. Morna

    What is an office march madness poll? Whatever it is I’m impressed your winning. And the laundry- I can’t remember what the bottom of our basket looks like! #weekendbloghop

  2. ali

    Um, I did five loads of laundry two days ago. The half folded pile is still on the floor, and there is new laundry to be done in the basket. I envy your moment of finished laundry. Also impressed that your doing well in your bracket. I would probably fill it out by my favorite color… the purple team would definitely win… whoever that is! 😉 Happy Easter!

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