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Hokay. So. Today I have a piece on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog on my postpartum depression.

But Kelly, I didn’t know you had PPD. 

And that’s because I haven’t talked about it.  Because it’s not exactly the first thing I want to bring up when I see friends or family or even when I blog here.

But, but, it occurred to me that maybe if I wrote about it I could do some good. A few months ago, when I was starting to put the pieces together on what was going on with me, I had a really hard time finding any post anywhere on what PPD looked like for me. So that’s why I wrote what I did.  That’s why I’m putting this out there on the Big Scary Internet.

I went back on forth on whether to put my name on that post, or to have it post anonymously.  I ultimately decided to put my name on it because I want people to know that real people get PPD.  People you know.  People you work with or shop with or volunteer with.  It is so very common and so very not talked about.

Part of my hesitation on owning this struggle so publicly is that I really, truly, do not want to be treated any differently because of it.  I am still me. I am still sarcastic and stubborn and silly.  I’m lame with my jokes and quick to cry at a commercial and I love my family fiercely.  I was in a fog for a little while, but I’m coming out of it.  I’m okay – and if you know me in real life then you should treat me just like you always have.

I didn’t write that post for me.  Not for sympathy or pity or anything like that.  I wrote it for Her.  I wrote it for the momma who is googling and trying to find someone, somewhere who can validate her feelings. I want Her to feel normal. I want Her to not feel alone.

And please allow me this borderline cheesy PSA:

If you know someone with PPD, encourage them to get the help they need to get back to themselves.

If you think you may have PPD – get the help. There is exactly zero shame in this.  Talk to a professional. Get on some medicine. Do the work.  I promise you that it can and will get better.  It will get so much better.

Love to you all – I’ll be back this week with my regularly scheduled rambling and feeble attempts at humor now that I’ve bombarded you with BIG FEELINGS today.



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