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We had ourselves a lovely (albeit rainy & dreary) little weekend.

Saturday, my mother-in-law came in town.  Let me be clear: G is one LOVED little girl.  She suffers from “first grandchild on both sides” syndrome which basically means she is the most spoiled 16 month old you know.  She is also learning the fine art of hamming it up for grandparents.  She happily shows them all her tricks  and when they are around she will not tolerate anyone else holding her.

Smart girl, my child. Smart. Girl.

When my mother-in-law was on the way over she said to my husband “I can’t wait to see G…and you and Kelly, too”.  And we just laughed.  Because there was hail and all kinds of crazy springtime in Oklahoma weather on the forecast that day and I’m pretty certain she would not have made the trip had it not been for a certain little hula girl.

FullSizeRender (8)

Yes. This is what she wore around the house Saturday morning.  I fully endorse dress up clothes and I’m a total enabler.  I secretly hope she is a kid that wants to wear nothing but princess dresses one day. I love her silly self.

Anyway, we went out to lunch then shopping (for G, duh) then out to dinner and here is what I need to know:

How do you keep a toddler seated in his or her highchair at a restaurant?

My child wants basically no part of that anymore.  Sitting when the food is there – no big deal. Sitting any other time? Not gonna happen. To include laps.  She needs to ROAM.  I have no photo evidence of this because I have been very busy being “that mom” trying to wrangle my kid and keep her from tripping servers or interrupting the meal of others or destroying the restaurant in a way that I have not even thought of yet.

After typing that I think I have answered my own question question: no more restaurants for us.

I’m just not ready to accept that.

Because I’ve already been forced to accept one hard truth: getting a picture with my wiggly, on-the-go girl is basically impossible.

Case in point:



“Happy Mother’s Day Mom I love you and everything but I’d really just like to get away from you now k thanks.”

Tornado of joy, that little girl.  She has also taken to letting us know that she is in DIRE NEED of something with a screech that would make a Hyena say “Keep it down over there!”

Now don’t you wish you could go out to eat with us?


4 thoughts on “Highchair Hijinks

  1. Kasey

    When Tank was smaller we would ask to be seaTed near other children. He loves other people his size. And if we had a booth I let him run and play in the seat with myself or my husband on the outside. All that being said, he usually ended up bring on the floor under the …ewww. BUT. He was happy and quiet, so my germaphobe self took a Xanax and let it happen most of the time.
    G is so adorable and I love reading about her adventures!

  2. Elaine

    The more you go out to eat, the more she’ll learn to stay put. Take activities for her, coloring, even though she won’t color long, if you’re phone is well protected, then download a little baby/toddler app, or take some very small favorite toys of her with you. Also, pack some cheerios or yogurt bites she can snack on, or ask for shredded cheese or crackers when you sit down. Take a sippy cup with you, so you’re not waiting on a drink for her. They eventually learn! We have 3 girls and it’s a challenge going out to eat, but each one has gotten better with age! Plus, if you don’t expose them, they don’t learn….. and try to go eat a little earlier, when restaurants aren’t as busy, and if you need to get up and walk her around, do it!

  3. Sara @ Shabby Grace Blog

    We could and chase our kids together! LOL it’s just NOT enjoyable! We use to go out all the time and she did well. Now I feel like it’s just that age. We go everywhere else! It’s all good in my opinion. If we do go out, we choose “louder” restaurants!

  4. Bev Barger

    Too funny! She’s gotta learn sometime! you are a great mom! hang in there! xoxo

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