Hello…is this thing still on?

I had a bit of an unplanned bloggy hiatus this last week.  To you three loyal readers, I can assure you that it wasn’t intentional.  Life has just been busy (all good things) and I had to put ye old blog on the back burner.  IMG_7810

Gratuitous e-card because this made me laugh and basically sums up my life lately. God bless coffee. God bless wine.

I mean, I took this screen shot last week because I had not one, but TWO different alarms on my phone one morning and I had pressed snooze on both of them.  I know there are people in this world who do not believe in the snooze button.  I applaud you people. I don’t understand you people. Teach me your ways, people who get out of bed after the first alarm. J and I both have a thing or eighty we could learn from you.



Ultimately, I’d like to blame Gilmore Girls on Netflix for my absence. I posted on Facebook that I was starting the series again and, hello, I’m a binge watcher by nature.  It’s one of my spiritual gifts. So to the Lorelai’s I say: Get off of my screen with your witty banter and nostalgia!



Yes, yes I am still watching.  Quit judging me, Netflix.

In my dreamland fantasy world, G and I will have the same quick-witted back and forth that Lorelai & Rory do.  I attempted this yesterday when G was fussy and I was trying to engage her in a game of peek-a-boo (usually a real crowd pleaser at our house).

“G! Peek a boo! Where’s my baby?”

*fussy baby fusses*

“G, mommy is really good at peek a boo, your fussing isn’t very encouraging.”

*fussy baby fusses*

“G, this is one of my life skills! Please play with me!”

*fussy baby tilts head, offers a smile, and puts her hands over her eyes*

We’re right on our way to the repartee of the Gilmore Girls. Ish.

In sum, my life skills include peek-a-boo and binge watching TV shows from 15 years ago.

The bar is set low, my friends.  Right where I like it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a little Easter weekend recap, which includes mixed thoughts on a new restaurant in town and how my child mirrored my athletic skills during her egg hunt.  Bless her heart.


8 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Jacquelyn Ward

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. You are so funny and the design of your blog is glorious! By the way, you will be seeing a lot more of me since we are in the same network over at Amy’s circle/creative bloggers network. I am so delighted by your blog and adorable family. Between you and me…I don’t get those non-snooze sleepers. I typically set 5 alarms and somehow hit snooze or even sleep right through them all. I am not a morning person. Take care!


    1. Kelly Post author

      Thanks! Mornings are tough. Someone needs to come up with a coffee pot that delivers you a cup of coffee along with your alarm. I wouldn’t snooze then!

  2. randi

    I’m tempted to finish your title with “Is it me you’re looking for? ’cause I wonder where you are And I wonder what you do…”

    Hahaha, clearly I’m a child of the 80’s. Anyway, love this post because I’m pretty sure our weeks were parallel.

  3. Jen R.

    Count me as your fourth loyal reader. No kids, and yet I regularly check for your new posts. Was excited to see you’re back! (hey now, I didn’t judge your Gilmore girls thing, don’t judge me reading a mom blog as a non-mom)

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