Ever have one of those weeks where you have #allthethings to do and not enough time to do it?

Dumb question. The answer is yes. I should have asked if you ever have a week that doesn’t look like that.

Here’s the thing. Being a working momma has a few challenges, and time management is one of them. I often find myself spending my lunch break scheduling appointments for my family, ordering the next size of diapers, paying bills, or fielding calls from teachers and doctors.

And to flip it and reverse it — I often spend post-bedtime hours remembering little things that need to be done at work the next day.  Or blog post ideas. Or adding “fold laundry” to a list in an effort to avoid actually folding the laundry.

So I whipped up these little printables to make my life a little easier. I needed something clean, with lots of blank spaces and not a lot of lines, because not every week is the same and fits neatly under certain headers…and if you’re crazy like me you don’t want to waste that space or leave a spot unfilled. Maybe this takes the place of a regular planner, maybe you use it in a pinch when you just need to knock out a lot of stuff in a week, or maybe it’s a combo. The world is your oyster, momma. Boss it up and use these however you see fit.

There are 4 pretty little pages here, let’s break it down.


Week At-A-Glance

Space! Glorious, glorious blank space! These are things my nerdy heart adores.  This is the perfect way to write down the weeks activities, or goals, or blog posts, or due dates, or…you get the drift. ALL the options here, folks.  It’s also fab to put on the fridge to keep you & your husband on track with the family’s schedule for the week.

Side note: Saturday and Sunday get their OWN SPACES, man. I loathe calendars that try to clump them into one box. In what world is Saturday less busy than Tuesday? Not mine. That’s for darn sure.







Daily List

As a wise man once said: keep it simple, stupid.

This is ideal to print on the daily to keep you on track. I love having a “Main Thing” to focus on each day so if nothing else, I can get that crossed off and feel good about life.

Jot down what you’re cooking for dinner, what bills are due, and what you need to Amazon Prime yourself that day (Diapers. It’s probably diapers).

To do list lines, because duh. You know you want the satisfaction of crossing ish off of that bad boy. And those three happy squares on the right? Use one for each family member, or split into work/home/kids, or just use them to jot down any errant family thought that enters your mind at work so you can come back to it later.






This is where I get Rihanna stuck in my head, “work, work, work, work, work…”

Have a direct sales gig? A blog you’re working to grow? A fab etsy shop? This is your new monthly work sheet.

Track your monthly goals, finances, successes and failures. This is your space to dream, plan, and check back in as the month goes on with your businesses successes (yays) and…not so successes (nays). And, obvi, remind yourself why you do what you do with “My Why”. Nothing motivates me like remembering why I do what I do (spoiler alert: this is why).










Weekly Goals

Another winner for your fridge. Or wallet. Or desktop.

Know what makes you meet your goals? Writing them down. Spend 10 minutes on Sunday evening jotting down everything you want to get done during the week. Just, brain dump it here and check back throughout the week to see if you’re on track.

Don’t neglect that little inspiration line at the bottom, either. That matters. Jot down a verse, a quote, just something that gets you in a good headspace and gets your week started strong.








Want these bad boys for yourself? Just click the image you want to print to download & print as needed. For free. Because I love you. Love these? Hate these? Let me know. And if you really love them, remember that sharing is caring!

Go crush all the things, momma. You got this.




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