working mommaDear Momma Who Just Went Back to Work,

I see you, and I know today is a tough one. You’ve known this day was coming since the moment you held that sweet baby in your arms.  You’ve had a mini countdown in the back of your head the entire time, knowing that the days of being with your baby 24/7 were numbered.

Maybe you’ve dreaded this day.  Maybe part of you has looked forward to it because you miss your old routine.

Either feeling is allowed, you’re a good momma.

You’re waking up this morning, sleep deprived as ever, and finding clothes to fit your new momma body.  Maybe you’re wearing maternity pants.  Maybe you’ve packed pump supplies along with your lunch.  Maybe you couldn’t be happier to be in “real” clothes again.

You’re doing great already, you’re a good momma.

Maybe you’re dropping your baby off at daycare, maybe you have a nanny or a sitter or a family member to watch your little one.  Maybe your husband is a stay at home dad. Regardless, it will be hard to hand your baby to someone and drive away for the day.

This person or center was carefully and lovingly chosen by you, you’re a good momma.

You’re getting to work and taking deep breaths.  People will be excited to see you (especially your backfill).  They will ask about the baby.  They will ask how you are.  And some will acknowledge how hard this day is.  Those are the ones to lean on – go in their office and shut the door and shed some tears if you need to – they will understand.

You’ve made it to the beginning of the day, your baby is still being loved, you’re a good momma.

You’ll spend most of the day getting your bearings and catching up.  And maybe part of it pumping milk for your little one.  Remind yourself as you use the pump, or check in with daycare, or schedule the next appointment with the pediatrician that you are still mothering, even when you’re at the office.  And those moments when you’re doing actual work and not thinking about your child?  You’re mothering, then, too.  You’re providing for your family.  That is mothering.

You’re still a full time momma, you do not cease to be a momma when you walk into that building.  And – you’re a good momma.

You’ll watch the clock all day.  Watching the hours tick by just like you watched the weeks tick by when you were on leave.  When it’s time to go home I want you to take a deep breath and congratulate yourself.  You did it.  You’re now in the sisterhood of working mommas – you’ll know us by the spit up stains we’re trying to conceal, or the dark circles under our eyes, or the fact that we’re wearing mismatched shoes.

And we’re here to remind you that you’re a good momma.

But you’ll learn that for yourself when you pick your little one up from daycare or your aunt’s house or greet them again at your own home.  That baby will snuggle into your neck and know you.  You’re momma.  You’re the end-all be-all for that little one and always will be.

Your baby won’t forget that when you’re at work.  Not now, not when they’re a toddler, not ever.

Because somewhere deep down, they’ll know.  They’ll feel it.

You’re a good momma. 



26 thoughts on “Dear Momma Who Just Went Back to Work

  1. Alyssa at The Lindquist Life

    Good morning Kelly! I love your blog. I love hearing about all the stories of motherhood you share & you are so funny! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog this morning (Wed. 4/22) 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. Laura

    I needed that today. I only have a couple weeks left and I’m dreading going back to work and leaving her with someone else.

  3. Yanique

    Going back to work after having a babay can be so hard. When I went back I felt so guilty and worried about leaving my baby at day care. Lo and behold, both my son and I made out alright and after awhile we settled into our new normal.

  4. Agatha

    Aw, this is a lovely post. Reminds me of the time when I went back to work and had to leave my kids with the nanny – it was a horrible feeling. but I had to stay positive about it.

  5. Jen

    Great post. I am a sahm now but I did go back to work when my first baby was only 8 weeks and 6 weeks with my second. I worked from home so it wasn’t as rough but still pretty bad. It’s so hard facing that first day back. Wonderful reminder that we are all good moms no matter how we are handling it.

  6. Brooke

    Great post! Our first daughter was born 10 weeks early and finally came home a few weeks before the school year ended (I was a teacher at the time)—thankfully I didn’t have to go back until the following Fall. It was so difficult, but it was best for our family at the time. We decided after one year that I would stay home full time. There are pros and cons to both and neither is necessarily easy. Sacrifices either way you go! And either way, you’re right, you are full-time mom and your kids adore you!

  7. Leslie

    What a sweet and encouraging post. I have been at home for 20 years but there was a time I had to leave my babies and it was very hard.

  8. Crystal

    I had a hard time just student teaching and leaving my kids for one semester. I can’t imagine. i am sure this is so encouraging to working moms!

  9. Kim @ Knockitoffcrafts

    aww.. I remember that feeling of leaving my little one to return to work.. I don’t know who cried harder! That is exactly what a Momma needs to hear.. that’s she’s still a good Momma. What a lovely post. 🙂

  10. Mama Carmody

    We are proud of all the mommies in the work force. It’s hard having two full time jobs; one at the office and one at home. Keep up the good work.

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