When it comes to getting my children to eat healthy, I’ve learned that it’s all in the presentation. No sweetheart, that’s not a pouch full of pureed prunes, that’s a smoothie! …and so on. Drinks are no exception. Especially now that we’ve hit the birthday party circuit – juice abounds and anything else can be a tough sell! We can get G jazzed about drinking milk or water 99% of the time, but that remaining 1% can be a real doozie…. Read more »

So, I know Meal Plan Monday is totally a thing and here I am all switching it up to Friday. I swear I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. But, as much as I love alliteration, meal planning on a Monday isn’t real life for me. If I waited til Monday to meal plan it would involve a lot of take out. And doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of meal planning? So anyway, my goal here is to simplify this for… Read more »

Since Mom Babble was so kind to feature my Toddler’s List of Grievances yesterday, I thought I’d share my latest attempt at figuring out what in the world goes on inside that little head every day.  Meal time is becoming increasingly difficult around our house – here’s the latest from the mind of G.   Dear Momma, I see you are going to continue insisting on this ridiculous dining endeavor at least three times a day in spite of my efforts to… Read more »