When G was about 10 months old, I came down with a gnarly stomach flu that tanked my milk supply. So when Monday rolled around – I had no breastmilk to send. None. Nada. Zip. Nothing in the freezer, and my ta-tas were dry as a bone. I stifled my guilt and feelings of general failure as much as possible and told her teachers to just give her formula. Fast forward to that afternoon and I got a phone call… Read more »

  I’m linking up to day with Andrea at Momfessionals for “Show and Tell Tuesday” to talk about our “Momfessionals Moments”. Momfessions.  We all have them, am I right?  Things that you have found yourself doing ONLY since becoming a mother – things that never even entered your mind before you brought a tiny human into the world. I want to share so many momfessions with you all, but I need you to know that I have stared at this… Read more »

Dear Momma Who Just Went Back to Work, I see you, and I know today is a tough one. You’ve known this day was coming since the moment you held that sweet baby in your arms.  You’ve had a mini countdown in the back of your head the entire time, knowing that the days of being with your baby 24/7 were numbered. Maybe you’ve dreaded this day.  Maybe part of you has looked forward to it because you miss your old… Read more »