Exactly one week ago – this was my view:


You know, just a smidge different than this:


The post vacation laundry struggle is real, folks.

J and I had the most wonderful parents only vacation to Hawaii last week and I’ll share more about it when I can bear to look at the pictures.  It’s just torturous at this moment.

We had the best time.  But, but.


She split her time with both sets of grandparents and basically had the best time of all time ever and is spoiled perfectly rotten.

She also grew at least three feet and seems ever closer to breaking out into a dead sprint. The waddler is close to being a runner.

We flew home Friday night on a red eye flight which was every bit as delightful as you would imagine a red eye flight being (flying with 2 month old G was actually a better experience).  J and I are both window seat lovers, and since we figured we’d sleep the whole flight, we opted to sit separately so we could each have our very own, much coveted, window.

All was well and good until the ultimate surfer dude bro slid in to the middle seat next to me. It’s like he appeared out of thin air. The girl on the aisle seat didn’t even stand up. It really was something.

Surfer Dude Bro plopped down in his seat with just a small paperback in his hands. Incredible.  I looked at myself and had to laugh: it’s like I was prepared for a trip around the world and he had signed up for a three hour tour (a three hour tour).

Seriously, there I was with my “don’t talk to me” headphones, my “I’m basically 85” neck pillow, and my “I don’t know what to do with my hands so I’m going to hold this” Kindle.

And there he was. Board shorts. Flip flops. Paperback.


Or so I thought.

Surfer Dude Bro dozed off almost immediately.  I got caught up with the in-flight movie (stupid headphones!) and figured I’d fall asleep after that.

But then, then I realized that Surfer Dude Bro had fallen asleep – facing me.

It was unnerving.  I felt like I was being watched – even though, you know – his eyes were closed.

And there went my hope for sleep on the red eye.  I now understand the term, “red eye”.

But now. Now I’m home. And it’s glorious. Minus the jet lag.  I fell asleep at 3 am on Saturday night and G woke up ready to PARTY at 4 am.

Like, so much energy that even ambient radio didn’t do it’s trick. Normally it’s like coma music.  But to 4 am G it was practically disco.

So I laid in bed and she jammed out and intermittently whacked me in the face with my phone or her sippy cup for a few hours.

There’s no place like home.



4 thoughts on “Back to Life, Back to Re-al-i-ty

  1. Ali

    I hope you had so much fun!! My husband and I are taking a parents only vaca in August. First time away from my littles… I’m nervous but ready for some us time! Oh that mom life… 4 am. Ouch! Coffee, coffee, coffee my friend – or maybe a few espressos.

  2. Bev Barger

    great! glad you had a wonderful time! glad you are back safe! V im sure is glad you are back !

  3. Ashley

    Ha! I love this…especially those ever precious moments where you are trying to sleep and that dear little won’t stop hitting you in the face with their lovies all while they sit and step on your face. Yeah, definitely my fav. 😉

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