Here’s an awesome, unexpected thing about G being in daycare. All of her best friends, who move up from class to class at the same time as each other, all seem to have been born in a 3 month time span. It’s the best. So many birthday parties in such a short amount of time. Quality time with the other parents. Getting to watch her interact with her friends. Noticing a few behavioral things to work on. I have loved every single minute… Read more »

  When G was about 10 months old, I came down with a gnarly stomach flu that tanked my milk supply. So when Monday rolled around – I had no breastmilk to send. None. Nada. Zip. Nothing in the freezer, and my ta-tas were dry as a bone. I stifled my guilt and feelings of general failure as much as possible and told her teachers to just give her formula. Fast forward to that afternoon and I got a phone call… Read more »

Listen. We’ve been through a lot this year.  We lost a lot of amazing people. We had an election cycle that seemed like an SNL skit gone wrong.  And our president-elect kinda resembles a Cheeto in a bad toupee. Yeah, I went there. I’m not sorry. So I guess I get all of the internet hate and general comments telling 2016 to stick it where the sun don’t shine…but. You knew there’d be a but. There were also some pretty… Read more »