If there’s one thing you should know about my child, it is this:

She is completely book obsessed.

I don’t just mean that she enjoys being read to, I mean that books are basically a comfort item at this point.  We brought her favorite book to the last surgery she had because we knew it would be the one thing to keep her calm & happy.  And we were right.

So when the fine folks at Bookroo told me about their book subscription service it took about .2 seconds for me to go all fangirl on them.


…I asked calmly.

Listen ya’ll.  This is the Birch Box of books.  You need this.  I know you can get books on Amazon, etc.  BUT.  Does Amazon surprise you once a month with books?

No. No they do not.

What’s great about this service is the simplicity.  You pick board books or picture books (I picked board because hello I have a toddler who loves destroying stuff), then select your “plan” (month to month, 3 month, or 6 month) and then you wait anxiously patiently for the books to arrive.

And when they arrive, they do not disappoint.


This packaging delights me to no end and immediately made me feel like Maria from Sound of Music. 

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings…la la la la la la favorite things”

(I’m not exactly a songbird. G’s lullabies have been…creative, to say the least).

But seriously, how fun is it that each book is its very own present? SO FUN. I also need to know where they get their wrapping paper.  Isn’t it purty?

And here are our books this month:


We love them all! The mustache book in particular is super cute because it comes with a little pouch of punch-out mustaches that you then place on faces in the book.  Reading + play = ALL THE WIN.

And the best part? I hadn’t heard of a single one prior to receiving our order this month.  I love that they’re putting terrific & lesser-known books in our hands!

Or maybe this is the best part – my friends at Bookroo are giving you $4 off your next order if you click this link!

Happy reading!



Nothing major or life changing or even a little bit important to report here.

But I feel it’s worth noting that I’ve moved on from Gilmore Girls.

Not because I want to, but because they ended the show after 7 seasons.  Stupid WB. Or CW. Or whoever produced that.

But do not fear – I’ve swiftly moved on to Bloodlines on netflix largely because COACH TAYLOR.



(If you have not watched Friday Night Lights then I need you to stop reading immediately and begin watching it stat. We can’t be friends until you are well acquainted with the Taylors and the Dillon Panthers).


There are three things I need you to read.

1. I was on Scary Mommy on Monday with an open letter to SAHMs. (And I totally didn’t follow my own rule and I read the comments. Fail.)

2. The TODAY Parenting community has featured a post that I wrote for them called “I Ditched the Summer Bucket List“. Now. I don’t exactly know what that means. But just like the blurb I had on TODAY I’ll take what I can get over there, because I mean, TODAY SHOW.

3. I loved this post on the OKC moms blog called, “Princess is NOT an Occupation“. The subtle messages we send our daughters MATTER and Carrie captures that so well in this piece.

Alright. That’s all she wrote. It’s Wednesday, ya’ll. Keep on keepin on!

Glimpses (3)

Saturday night, J went out with a few friends and I had a low key night at home with some laundry.

You should know that I pushed J out the door to spend time with friends and I did laundry of my own free will. Miracles do happen sometimes. 

I was folding a few things of G’s and around midnight and decided to sneak into her room to put them away & to check on her.  I’ve gotten pretty good at this stealth move and can usually pop in & out unnoticed and with no one awaking from their slumber.

Welp. That failed Saturday evening. The second I stepped foot in her room she stirred.  I froze, naturally, but the damage was done. Before I knew it, she was standing up in her crib, arms outstretched.

I scooped her up and settled into the rocking chair, like I’ve done so many times before. But these times are increasingly precious, as G loves her bed these days.  I’ve written about our sleep style and the gist of it is – she reaches out for her bed the second we zip up her footie pajamas (all hail the footie pajama, may she never be too old for footie pajamas).  Basically – she doesn’t love being rocked to sleep anymore.

So we settled in and she instantly conked out on my chest.  These moments just rocket me back to 2 am feedings in infancy.  I remember how her little body fit perfectly on my chest, knees tucked up under her tummy, head on my right shoulder, hands tucked underneath her chin.  She was 3 weeks early and so teeny when we brought her home.  In fact, I could lay her down on the rocker’s foot stool and – head to toe – she didn’t take up the entire width of the stool.

But then you have nights like Saturday – and her head is on my right shoulder, but that is all that is similar to infancy.  Her arms rest where they landed, one flung around my side and the other draped over my left shoulder.  Her legs are sprawled, nearly hanging off the side of the chair and the weight of her makes my shoulder twinge, just a little.

But this moment, for this little girl who is loving her independence, feels like I’m on borrowed time.  I’m getting this extra cuddle time on accident – and maybe because I was a little dumb in going into her room at midnight. 

And as with stolen things, this moment had to go back, because after just a couple minutes of snoozing, she lifted her head back up, looked around, and pointed back to her bed.

So I gave her back, begrudgingly, and helped her settle in to her crib.  I smiled as she tucked her legs up to her belly, because at least that hasn’t changed, and helped her find Bop to curl up with.  I draped a blanket over her, even though I knew that by morning it would be cast into a corner, and snuck back out of her room.

And hey, if late night laundry on a Saturday night earns me a few minutes of rocking my daughter to sleep, I’ll burn the midnight oil more often.